Electronic Design
  Circuit Board Design and Layout
  System Design and Integration
  The Design Process
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System Design and Integration

As previously stated, we design end-to-end systems or can design and integrate a specific portion of an existing system. Our system capabilities include:
Firmware Drivers
We specialize in designing value into your product by creating additional functionality through the firmware. Additional utility can be added to new and existing products by writing drivers for new platforms such as Linux or Mac.
Software Mechanical design
Our sister company develops software applications ranging from Enterprise systems to PC Applications to Phone applications. Example systems include remote equipment monitoring, vehicle and personnel tracking, and machine monitoring and control. We have strategic partnerships with mechanical designers for the design of any required mechanical assemblies. 3-d solid modeling available with Pro-E and SolidWorks.
Electro-Mechanical Design/Robotics  
We are experienced in integrating control and monitoring circuitry with electromechanical devices. Some of our engineers are robotics hobbyists, designing and building robots and entering them into competitions. Others have participated in FIRST competitions (  
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